6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

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It’s officially summer and that means rising temperatures. I decided to put together this handy list of easy tips you can employ to keep your pets cool this season.

Some of these you may already be familiar with, but I scoured high and low to find other crafty ideas that you might not have thought of.

Here are some tips for beating the summer heat!

Give your pet some frozen toys

Frozen treats and goodies in the summer are a classic way to cool down as well. Help your canine chill from the inside out. For puppy popsicles, make ice cubes with tasty treats inside. Or freeze a Kong toy with yummy, edible liquids (or blueberries). This is a good idea and I always put it into practice. Any wet or sticky food can be frozen into a Kong toy. Keep several prepared Kongs in the door of your freezer, so you always have one ready every time.

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If you want a Kong, other toys and high-quality treats for your dog, here you find the Super Chewer BarkBox. I am sure that your dogs will love the surprises it contains this box.

Keep your dog hydrated

Different dogs have different needs when battling the heat. Keep in mind that darker coats absorb more heat than lighter coats. Also, overweight dogs are at higher risk for dehydration.

Carry a bottle of water when going on a walk with your dog. Better yet have your dog carry it for you in a backpack or a vest! The water in the bottles will keep the dog cooler and also give the dog a sense of purpose.

Never leave your dog in the car

No, not even if you think you’ll only be a few minutes. Even when it isn’t that hot outside, the temp can soar inside a closed car. On an 85-degree day, it can reach 102 F within 10 minutes. And that’s with a window cracked. After 30 minutes, it could be up to 120. Leave your dog at home, or go places where he can come with you.

Get your dog in the water

Find a water feature/fountain for your dog to play in, or take your dog swimming in a clean ocean, river, stream, etc.

If there are no water features in your area, invest in a backyard kiddie pool. They’re cheap but provide immediate relief from the heat.

Give your pet a haircut

Many animals can benefit from a haircut in the summer, but you should consider each animal’s breed origins before getting the clippers out.

Some pets have adapted and evolved to effectively manage the sun’s rays despite having a long coat (for example, herding dog breeds). Their fur provides some UV protection from the sun, and if you shave too much of it off, your dog will have a higher risk of sun burn.

But if your pet is very far removed from the climate and geographical location of his/her breed development, then a shorter haircut or a shave may be exactly what he needs.

Exercise your dog early in the morning or late at night

Since these are the cooler parts of the day, this will make the walk more comfortable for both you and your dog. I’m a believer in vigorous exercise for healthy dogs, but this is the time of year to back off on exercise intensity.  I recommend you to give your dog some toys. You can find some durable dog toys on Bark Shop.

I suggest you buy Silver Double Tuff Medium from Bark Shop. Made from patented Orbee-Tuff material, this lopsided bouncy toy is bound to give your feisty furball a good time.  Silver Double Tuff Medium cost just $15.00 and bonus you have free U.S. shipping on orders $40+ and free returns on all orders.  Trust me, on Bark Shop you will find a lot of great thinks, like toys and food, for your dog.

Get your Silver Double Tuff Medium and make your dog happy!

With record temperatures around the country, it is important to take care of your dog. Whether you take him for a walk down the street, a ride in the car, or just out in the yard to play, the heat can be hard on him.

I hope all these tips on how to keep dogs cool in summer are useful for you and let my know which ones you found to be most helpful.


  1. Thks for the tips. I live in one of the hottest cities of South India. Temperature rises close and above 40 C. So, this article is very useful for me!

  2. I received today my Super Chewer BarkBox! I am so happy and my dog too! I recommend this box, and all the products are great!

  3. My elderly Labrador likes to cuddle up to me in bed at night so on hot nights I get a 2 litre soda bottle. Fill with water and freeze, then I wrap it in a towel and lay it in the bed between us. Keeps him cool all night and me too which is a bit of a bonus. I also damp the insides of his ear flaps and paws with cool wash cloth.

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