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How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Night Walks

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Walking with a dog in the dark can present a number of challenges for many dog owners. You may not be able to see well in the dark; this can make you take a hard step off a curb or trip on a rise in the sidewalk.

The most potentially dangerous and most common problem with nighttime dog walking, though, is that other people – people driving cars, especially – can’t readily see you or your dog. Whether you are crossing a street, or just walking across a driveway “safely” on the sidewalk, if a driver can’t see you, you are at risk of being hit.

In this article, I will present you some products that are intended to make nighttime dog-walking brighter.

Light-Up Leashes and Collars

A great way to stay visible at night is with light up leashes and collars. These fun and flashy walking wearables for your pooch will light up the night.

There are tonnes of great light-up collars, but one popular collar is this L.E.D. Dog Collar. This light-up collar can be set for several different modes, from blinking to a steady light. This it keeps your dog illuminated and visible from potential collisions, whether it’s with cyclists, cars, pedestrians or other dangerous hazards.

This L.E.D. Dog Collar is made with nice, light-weight but strong materials and has premium high-quality LED lights. Also, is available in 5 different colours and 4 sizes and has 3 different light modes and the battery last 50 hours. The collar is very bright and fits comfortably on my dog. I’m very happy with it! I highly recommend this collar and is a must have, for sure.

I put it on my dog at night and when it wanders away in the backwoods I can see exactly where he is at. The light is extremely bright and encircles the entire neck. Thanks to this now it is so easy to find my black dog in the night, no more wondering where he is.

My mother adopted these days a puppy and I say that is a good idea to give her an L.E.D. collar. So, yesterday I wanted to order this product and I found that we can get a free L.E.D. dog collar.

I paid just $7.95 for shipping and handling and I’m very excited because I have saved some money thanks to this offer, and I am sure that my mother will be happy to have one of this for his dog.

Take advantage of the offer and get a free L.E.D. Dog Collar. Your dog deserves a great dog collar to keep him visible during those walks at night!

Take a headlamp

Headlamps give you the hands-free ability to see what’s in front of you and navigate the darkness safely.

If you often walk your dog in the dark, a headlamp is a near necessity (come on, you don’t want to pick up doggie poo with a flashlight in one hand – you need ultimate visibility).

They illuminate your path, catch the attention of passing cars, and they’re hands-free so you can keep a good grip on your dog’s leash.

I love to have a headlamp. It’s small and so light that I forget that I am wearing it. It lights up the area in front of me pretty good, however, has no adjustments to move the light once it’s on my head. I use TL900 LED Headlamp and for me, this is the best, especially because lasts up to 100.000 hours and is waterproof.

The TL900 LED Headlamp comes with all of the features you’d expect to find on a headlamp.

The lamp itself features a 90-degree tilt. There’s also a battery box that displays a red indicator for whichever mode you’re currently using (High, Low, Strobe, SOS). If you are looking for a good headlamp, try TL900. I’ve owned many headlamps over the years but this is the best.

I bought this TL900 LED Headlamp for just $59 and I saw that now you have free shipping on all orders placed today.
This is a good offer, and you should take advantage of this because the product is very useful. In case you are interested in buying this TL900 LED Headlamp here you can find more information.

Stay Visible With Reflective Vests

Reflective vests for you and your dog are one of the best ways to keep you both safe at night. Reflective vests increase your visibility for cars, bikes, and other humans and pups passing by.

I recommend vests for both canine and humans, as they are one of the greatest tools to keep you visible at night.
Also, to be safe, it’s always smart to carry your cell phone with you when you are going for a night walk with your canine.

Ideally, you should walk your pup at night with a friend or companion so you aren’t alone, but of course, that’s not always feasible. In those cases, always make sure you at least have a cell phone for backup in case of an emergency.

Nighttime walks with your dog are fun and necessary – but they can also be hazardous. But, with these tips, you can keep your dog safe on night walks.

Do you have any other tips for how to stay safe and have fun with your canine at night? Share your tips in the comments!

5 Things You Need If You Are Traveling With Your Dog Over The Holidays

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If you are planning a trip, have you considered whether or not your dog gets to come along? Do you know how to travel with your dog? Travelling with your dog can be loads of fun if you make all the right arrangements. However, poor planning can really ruin the vacation for everyone. Going on holiday with dogs is easiest if you prepare everything well in advance – accommodation, travel arrangements, and paperwork can all be organised months before you go, which means less stress and more fun for both of you.

If you have decided that your furry companion should be part of your trip, let the planning begin. Here are 5 essentials that you’ll want to have if you’re travelling with your dog over the holidays.

Comfy Carrier

A carrier is a great way to help your dog feel safe and comfortable, especially during a long road trip. Being in unfamiliar territory can be stressful, so it’s nice to have a place where your dog can retreat and relax. A carrier can be used at your destination as a place for your dog to sleep and get away from the crowd that can be around during holiday parties.

If you are planning a trip with your dog, I recommend you Canvas Pet Tote- Natural. Take your dog everywhere with this versatile tote bag.

I’ve got one of this last year – and I paid just $160.00 with free U.S. shipping and free returns on all orders. Floored with a sturdy foot pad and secured with a clip for harnesses and collars, this bag is very comfortable and I take with me every time I travel with my dog. The rugged, water-repellent canvas even zips up is the best to keep our pup dry in the rain!

Canvas Pet Tote – Natural is the best option for your dog! Get one of this and take your dog on holiday.

A List Of Local Animal Care Professionals

Your regular veterinary probably won’t be available to you if you’re travelling to a new place, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with places that will be able to help you if your pup has an emergency. Make sure you have the phone number for the local animal hospital and a place that can be on-call even during the holidays.

Paw Protection

It’s especially important to keep your dog’s paw pads protected from the elements in winter or summer. Not only is the ground cold and able to cause frostbite, but deicers like salt can damage your dog’s paws. Bring along some booties or wax that will keep your pup’s paws safe no matter where you’re travelling. For example, I’ve got for my dog Pawz Dog Boots, for $14.00.

Pawz Dog Boots are the best. Keep your pup’s paws safe with these reusable and disposable rubber dog boots. The rubber is thick enough to offer serious paw protection, so this product is all your dog need in a rainy day. Not just for adventures in inclement conditions, they’re great for dogs with allergies or sensitive medical issues affecting the feet. Made of 100% natural rubber, Pawz are biodegradable and disposable. Stop losing expensive dog boots and buy Pawz Dog Boots!

First-Aid Kit

It never hurts to be prepared for the worst. If your dog gets injured, a veterinary may be hard to come by when you’re in a different town over the holidays. Make sure you can cover the basics with a first-aid kit.

Items to Include in Your First Aid Kit: Scissors, sterile eye wash, tweezers, tick remover tool, ear wash, roll gauze, antiseptic wash or wipes, antibiotic ointment, thermometer, extra towels, wash cloths and a blanket.

Warm Bedding

Wherever you’re travelling, it’s important to be prepared for the fact that your host might not have a place for your dog to sleep. Make sure you have some nice, warm bedding for your pup to snooze on when the night gets cold. There are plenty of beds that insulate well and reflect body heat back to your pup so he can stay cozy.

If you were a dog, crawling inside this Snuggle Sack would fill you with unbridled joy. Warmth, security, confidence, and relaxation, all contained in this delightful little plush bed. If you are interested, don’t forget that you can buy it for just $16.00. This product is cheap but very good!

Millions of pet owners will take to the road and sky during this holiday season. Your vacation will be so much more meaningful if your pet accompanies you. Most of the dogs enjoy a good adventure as long as they are by your side, so give them the right attention. As long as he is happy, your holiday will be a great one!

I hope all these tips will be useful to you and please let me know, in the comments below, what essential items do you bring when you’re travelling with your dog for the holidays.

6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool this Summer

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It’s officially summer and that means rising temperatures. I decided to put together this handy list of easy tips you can employ to keep your pets cool this season.

Some of these you may already be familiar with, but I scoured high and low to find other crafty ideas that you might not have thought of.

Here are some tips for beating the summer heat!

Give your pet some frozen toys

Frozen treats and goodies in the summer are a classic way to cool down as well. Help your canine chill from the inside out. For puppy popsicles, make ice cubes with tasty treats inside. Or freeze a Kong toy with yummy, edible liquids (or blueberries). This is a good idea and I always put it into practice. Any wet or sticky food can be frozen into a Kong toy. Keep several prepared Kongs in the door of your freezer, so you always have one ready every time.

If your dog doesn’t have a Kong toy, then you should apply for your Super Chewer BarkBox. If you don’t know, BarkBox is the most popular dog subscription box. This contains toys, treats, and grooming products selected for your dog based on size.  The most important is that you will receive a free new Super Chewer BarkBox if your dog defeats a toy.

You can have one BarkBox for only $39 or if you think your dog can handle more, you can subscribe for 6 or 12 months($29). Also, the most important thing is that every month you will receive different toys and food for your pet.

If you want a Kong, other toys and high-quality treats for your dog, here you find the Super Chewer BarkBox. I am sure that your dogs will love the surprises it contains this box.

Keep your dog hydrated

Different dogs have different needs when battling the heat. Keep in mind that darker coats absorb more heat than lighter coats. Also, overweight dogs are at higher risk for dehydration.

Carry a bottle of water when going on a walk with your dog. Better yet have your dog carry it for you in a backpack or a vest! The water in the bottles will keep the dog cooler and also give the dog a sense of purpose.

Never leave your dog in the car

No, not even if you think you’ll only be a few minutes. Even when it isn’t that hot outside, the temp can soar inside a closed car. On an 85-degree day, it can reach 102 F within 10 minutes. And that’s with a window cracked. After 30 minutes, it could be up to 120. Leave your dog at home, or go places where he can come with you.

Get your dog in the water

Find a water feature/fountain for your dog to play in, or take your dog swimming in a clean ocean, river, stream, etc.

If there are no water features in your area, invest in a backyard kiddie pool. They’re cheap but provide immediate relief from the heat.

Give your pet a haircut

Many animals can benefit from a haircut in the summer, but you should consider each animal’s breed origins before getting the clippers out.

Some pets have adapted and evolved to effectively manage the sun’s rays despite having a long coat (for example, herding dog breeds). Their fur provides some UV protection from the sun, and if you shave too much of it off, your dog will have a higher risk of sun burn.

But if your pet is very far removed from the climate and geographical location of his/her breed development, then a shorter haircut or a shave may be exactly what he needs.

Exercise your dog early in the morning or late at night

Since these are the cooler parts of the day, this will make the walk more comfortable for both you and your dog. I’m a believer in vigorous exercise for healthy dogs, but this is the time of year to back off on exercise intensity.  I recommend you to give your dog some toys. You can find some durable dog toys on Bark Shop.

I suggest you buy Silver Double Tuff Medium from Bark Shop. Made from patented Orbee-Tuff material, this lopsided bouncy toy is bound to give your feisty furball a good time.  Silver Double Tuff Medium cost just $15.00 and bonus you have free U.S. shipping on orders $40+ and free returns on all orders.  Trust me, on Bark Shop you will find a lot of great thinks, like toys and food, for your dog.

Get your Silver Double Tuff Medium and make your dog happy!

With record temperatures around the country, it is important to take care of your dog. Whether you take him for a walk down the street, a ride in the car, or just out in the yard to play, the heat can be hard on him.

I hope all these tips on how to keep dogs cool in summer are useful for you and let my know which ones you found to be most helpful.

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

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Whether they are pointy or floppy, long or short, dogs ears are a sensitive part of their bodies. Unattended ear infections can lead to serious problems and possible hearing loss. If the ears smell bad, your dog is scratching at them or shaking his head, or if he acts in pain when you touch them, it could be a sign of an infection and the time to call your veterinarian.

Also, just like the warnings for human ears, dogs ears are no place for cotton swabs. Learning how to clean dog ears is rarely at the top of a dog owner to-do list, but it’s an important way to prevent some common health problems.

Find out how you can clean your dog’s ears very simple, with not much effort.

Calm Your Dog 


Unless you want a squirmy pooch that makes the process a lot more difficult — and take a lot longer — it’s important to bring your dog along slowly and associate ear-cleaning with something positive. One tried-and-true method is to have a bag of treats ready to offer each time that your dog cooperates during the process.

I know that some treats are really expensive and are periods when we can’t buy a good-quality product for our furry friend. But, fortunately, are a lot of sites dedicated to pet lovers who offer free food for dogs. For example, recently I discovered a website who offer us the possibility to win $1000 gift card for free pet food for a year. Exactly what I needed for my dogs.

Here you find the card and don’t forget that products are shipped to the postal address provided during registration. This is a good opportunity for all pet lovers, and I am sure that animals will be delighted. Also, you can tell your friends about this $1000 card for pet food.

Get the right tools

Just like with human ears, you never want to use cotton swabs because they can hurt your dog’s ears. Instead, use some bath wipes. I recommend you to use to try Quick Bath Wipes from Bark-Shop. Made with vitamins A & E and Aloe Vera, each pack contains 10 extra-thick, super-absorbent wipes that make it easy to keep your pooch clean.

Quick Bath Wipes leave your dog smelling clean and fresh and are the best tool to clean your dog’s ears. A pack of bath wipes costs only $8.00 and also you have free U.S. shipping on orders $40 and free returns on all orders. These Quick Bath Wipes from Bark-Shop are amazing, the best option to clean your dog fast and easy. A fast wipe down is enough to pick up plenty of grit and grime, and they’re thick enough that you won’t worry about getting dirty yourself.

Also, on Bark-Shop you can find a lot of cheap products for your dog, but trust me, Quick Bath Wipes are the best products for dog cleaning, and after you will use once, you will love them.

How to clean

The best place to clean your dog’s ears is in the tub or outside. This is a great thing to do just before a bath.

If your dog’s ears are healthy but dirty-looking, you can clean them with a commercial dog ear wash, or you can make your own.
Put a generous amount of cleaner in each ear and massage the base of the ears for thirty seconds. Then stand back and let your dog shake his head. Wipe the visible part of the inner ears with a cotton ball or tissue to remove any excess cleaner. Finish up the ear cleaning session with a treat and extra words of encouragement to help soothe your dog’s nerves.

Don’t forget that dog breeds with long ears, such as hounds and spaniels, or dogs that swim a lot will need to have their ears cleaned once a week.

Homemade dog ear cleaner

If you’d prefer to make your own dog ear cleaner, here you have a recipe. Consult your veterinarian before using this or any other product for your dog: Mix one part white vinegar with one part rubbing alcohol (50/50 mixture) in a squirt bottle and shake well.

It is important to take time each week to examine your dog’s ears for signs of irritation, infection, dirt and parasites. These at-home ear exams don’t take long and can help you identify minor issues before they become larger, more painful problems.

It can be easy to become obsessed with ear care, but you do not want to clean your dog’s ears too frequently. Over-cleaning can upset the natural flora balance of the ears, leading to infections.

I hope these tricks will help you to clean your dogs’ ears and if you have any suggestions, I am waiting for your comments.


How to get your dog to love bath time

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If you watch people bathing dogs in movies and TV shows, most of the time it seems like a joyous, fun-filled time for all involved. Unfortunately, bathing your dog in real life isn’t always such a positive experience. If your dog hates bath time, it’s likely you do, too. It’s a common problem for dogs to panic and run away when you try to give them a bath. The sensations of getting wet and the loud noises of running water can easily scare your dog. But any problem has a solution.

Here are some tips that will help you to make your dog love the bath time.

Take a nice long walk first

Many dogs naturally enjoy a dip in the water when they’re feeling hot and exhausted after exercise, so use those natural instincts to your advantage. Also, your dog will have less pent-up energy to fight the process.

Make sure that you have everything you need in the bathroom before you start bathing your dog

When you start washing your dog, everything you need should be within reach. If you get your dog in the tub, then go off to get the shampoo, you give him a chance to escape. He may also think this is a game and start running after you. Get everything set up before you bring your dog in. Some items you should have are treats, towels, shampoo, a brush, and a sponge if you use one.

Be careful at water temperature that you use

It is essential to understand that you should use lukewarm water. Dogs are sensitive to hot water just like you are. Check the water temperature before you bathe your dog. It should be warm, but not hot. Water that’s too cold can give your dog a chill, which is especially dangerous for puppies. Also, it’s not recommended that you wash your dog’s head or face. Instead, wet him from the neck back. If your dog’s face is dirty, use a damp washcloth to wipe the dirt away. Don’t clean inside his ears with a washcloth. This can get the ears too wet and promote infection.

Keeping your dog calm while bathing

To keep your dog calm, teach him to associate bathing with good things. The easiest way to do this is with treats. You can give your dog several treats throughout the bathing process. This way, your dog will learn that bath time is not a time to dread but a fun time that involves treats.

I give my dog Beggin’ Strips Bacon & Cheese Snacks. My dog loves these treats and will do anything for one. Even a bath! They have a strong but not too off-putting smell, aren’t messy in your hand and come in a huge bag. These treats will make your dog love bath time. In case you want to see if these are Ok for your pet or if he likes these snacks, I suggest you try first some Beggin’ Strips Bacon & Cheese free sample. These are very good and I like that are free, so this is a good change to make your dog happy.

Praise your dog constantly

Using a happy tone, say things like “good dog” and other phrases that indicate your happiness with him. This reassurance will help keep him calm and can also distract him if he’s getting nervous. Also, you should have a positive attitude. You may be surprised to find how much of a difference it can make to approach the bath with calm, assertive energy. For example, I changed my energy around bath time. I calmly walked over, took my dog by the leash and walked him into the bathroom. He entered the bathtub with no fussing. Of course, he hates water on his face, so I avoid that by gently washing his face with a washcloth. He allowed me to wash the rest of him without a fight. You should do the same.

Put toys in the bath for your dog

If your dog has a favourite toy, bring it in the bath with him. In this way, you’re teaching your dog that the bathroom is not a scary place. Pets especially love toys with treats hidden inside them. I say that this is a bonus point for the types of toys with treats that clean the teeth and sweeten the breath.
When I wash my dog I give him a Kong toy and to keep my dog busy for a while, I fill the open cavity of the Kong toy with peanut butter. This is a very useful trick and you should try it.
If you don’t have one yet, on this site you find some free Kong Extreme Indestructible toys. All you have to do to get these free samples is to enter your email and your delivery address on here. This is a safe play toy and I like that is made from all-natural rubber.
This can help distract your dog from the bath he’s getting and you’ll be able to wash him without much struggling. So, you should get one.

As much as we all love our furry friends to smell fresh and clean, getting to that point isn’t always easy. Dogs are rarely excited to jump into the bathtub for a good scrub. But, even this it is a hard job for you, bathing your dog is important for keeping him fresh and clean.

With these tips, bath time should be a more relaxed experience for both you and your dog.

4 Signs Your Dog Is Stressed And How To Resolve This Situation

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Is your dog feeling anxious? Stressed? Worried? You may think he can’t tell you if he is, but he can – and he will. Your dog communicates his emotional state through body language and behavior. But, don’t forget that the signs of canine anxiety are often subtle.

It is important to notice the signs of stress in their early stages; this gives you an opportunity to remove your dog from a situation before his reaction escalates and becomes potentially aggressive or dangerous.

Here are four common signs of stress and anxiety in dogs to help you identify it and seek help quickly.


There are many reasons your dog may show avoidance, but a dog that is always isolating him or herself from other pets or people may be suffering from anxiety or a sickness. Tail tucked, avoiding eye contact, turning away — these are all ways your dog shows you he is uncomfortable. Your veterinarian can help you identify the cause of this strange behavior.

Decrease in appetite

Loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, skin problems or allergies can all be signs of stress in man’s best friend. If any of these physical symptoms don’t have a clear cause, stress should be your prime suspect.

Destructive behaviors

Especially in the more aggressive breeds, dogs may try to alleviate stress by chewing or biting furniture or even by destructive biting or licking of his body. When your dog feels anxious, he may close his mouth tightly or pull his lips back in a tense grimace. Try to examine the circumstances that increase the behaviors, such as being left alone or when other animals are present.


Does your dog howl or bark a lot? Excessive barking, whether inside or outside the house, can be a sign of anxiety. Try and find a pattern to the barking to determine the cause of the anxiety, to see if it happens when you’re gone or maybe when are strangers at the door.

How to Help a Stressed Out Dog?

To differentiate stress signs from normal behavior, you must be familiar with your dog’s normal demeanor. Then you can tell if he’s licking his lips because he’s anxious or because he wants a treat. If your dog becomes constantly stressed, here are some tips for helping to alleviate anxiety in your pet:

Choose a high-quality dog food

Your dog’s diet is an integral part of his health and wellbeing. Providing your dog with a diet that is not properly balanced for his or her life stage and lifestyle may cause unforeseen repercussions that may lead to anxiety and stress. It’s not easy finding the best dog food for puppies or even grown dogs, but fortunately on the market are several brands with healthy food.

For example, Iams Proactive Health MiniChunks is a type of food recommended by many veterinarians. This is a great product and is made with quality products. I like that it contains omega-3 fatty acids and essential oils. These are things needed by every dog to sustain life. It’s got tons of great proteins (including eggs, which are super easy to digest and have an exceptionally high biological value). It’s amazing to see how my dogs prefer this food compared to others brands. It is better for their stomach and easier for them to digest. I recommend Iams MiniChunks because are are very good for our dogs.

I like that now we can get free samples from brands such as Iams, to verify if our dogs like this food. This is a great idea and you should take advantage of this promotion.

So, if you are curious and want to make your dog happy, here you have some free samples of Iams Proactive Health MiniChunks.

Play/exercise with your dog regularly

Exercise can be a great stress-reliever for your dog, as long as it’s kept fun and relaxing. Repetitive games of fetch at the dog park can actually cause stress in some dogs, so make sure you find the right balance.

Use essential oil of lavender

The essential oil of lavender has also been proven to reduce a dog’s stress response. I recommend placing a few drops on your dog’s collar or bedding before a stressor occurs, if possible, or diffuse the oil around your house for an overall calming effect.

If your dog exhibits ongoing signs of stress, make an appointment with your veterinarian. But, by working with your dog and setting clear boundaries, you can usually pinpoint the sources of his stress and work with him to help him live a less anxiety-ridden life.

Best Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy And Shiny

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If someone asked you what makes a dog look healthy, a shiny coat would likely be one of your top answers. Dogs who are healthy and happy seem to emanate a glow from their very hair fibers, shining down to their non-split ends.

Whether your dog is prone to skin issues or not, check out these tips to ensure you’re doing what’s best for your pup’s coat.

Pay attention to what’s in your dog’s food

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy coat is nutrition. Dogs who are eating low-quality commercial dog foods or homemade diets that aren’t properly balanced may not be getting the proper nutrients they need for a healthy and shiny coat. Low-fat diets may also cause an omega-6 deficit that in turn results in coarse, dry hair. So, the best thing you can do is to feed your dog a high-quality food.

I have three dogs and, from my experience, the best dog food is Purina One SmartBlend Lamb & Rice, because it’s tastefully rich in protein. Charlie, one of my dog, is 2 years old and he was in bad shape when I got him. Now he is a very healthy dog. His coat has improved thanks to Purina Lamb & Rice. I have recommended this product to several of my friends for their dogs because I am amazed at the results we have gotten. This is a great product that is not only good for my dog’s health but has the taste my pets love.

These days I found some Purina Lamb & Rice free samples and I ordered them because it doesn’t cost anything and my last bag was almost finished. Probably, in 3 days I should receive them. In case you are interested, check this site to get Purina free samples for your dog. I am sure that your dog will like this kind of food and his coat will be more beautiful.

Bathe your dog regularly

Bathe regularly, but not too much: How often depends on your dog, the length of the coat and how dirty he gets. Bathing once a month is a good general guideline – often enough to keep the coat clean. Use a moisturizing shampoo that won’t irritate skin, but not a shampoo designed for people.
Ideally, purchase cleaning products formulated for your dog.

Brush your dog’s hair often

Brushing your dog’s hair will help distribute the natural oils in your dog’s skin. It will also remove loose hair and tangles. It’s essential that you select a brush that is appropriate for the type of hair your dog has.

Add a little oil to their food

Oil helps to keep dogs coat healthy and will clear skin conditions. You can add a teaspoon of either vegetable oil, olive oil or coconut oil to their food. Make sure you do not add too much oil as it would lead to diarrhea.

Keep the fur free from bugs

These nasty little parasites can easily be gotten rid of with the many sprays, collars, powders and dips available at pet stores.

Be sure to not only take care of the bugs on your dog but make sure his bed and living quarters are treated for bugs as well.

Take him to the vet for regular check-ups

A healthy dog will normally have a very healthy looking coat too. Taking your dog for his regular check-ups will keep you well informed as to his well being.

If you normally have a dog with a glossy and beautiful coat and it has suddenly become dull, it might be time to see the veterinarian.

We all love our pets and we work hard to keep them healthy and happy. Beyond that, we want them to look as good as they feel and a big part of this is taking care of their coat. Fortunately, if you’ve determined that your dog isn’t suffering from a medical condition that affects his coat, it’s easy to make your dog’s coat shine.

I hope that all these tips will help you to keep your furry friend looking and feeling great.


5 reasons your dog has bad breath and how to fix this problem

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You love your pup more than anything, but sometimes their breath can be less than lovely.

Bad dog breath isn’t just gross – it could also be a sign of a health problem. So take a moment to do a little research into the possible causes of bad breath and what you can do to treat and prevent it.

What is bad breath caused by?

Here are the main causes of bad breath in pets:

Most often, bad canine breath is caused by dental or gum disease, and certain dogs – particularly small ones – are especially prone to plaque and tartar.

Metabolic diseases like kidney disease or failure can cause bad breath. In fact, a decrease in kidney function can make a dog’s breath smell like ammonia.

If the esophagus, stomach, or intestines are sick, they can be the cause for stinky breath. 

Diabetes, specifically diabetic ketoacidosis, can also make a dog’s breath smell unusual, giving it a sweet, almost fruity smell.

If your dog’s breath is truly foul and he is also vomiting, exhibiting a lack of appetite and has a yellow tinge to her gums, he may have a liver problem. Like kidney disease, liver problems can be a sign of a serious condition, and it is vital that you get your dog to the veterinarian or emergency clinic as soon as possible.

How can you prevent your dog from having bad breath?

Many people assume that bad breath in dogs, especially at a certain age, is something normal. Here are the best ways to prevent bad breath in dogs:

Brush your dog’s teeth frequently

Brushing your dog’s teeth is still the number one preventive measure for dog breath. Make sure you choose a toothpaste or gel that is specifically made for pets.

Feed your dog a high-quality, easy-to-digest food

Good nutrition is important for dogs. It keeps them healthy and happy. Dry food and wet food both have pros and cons when it comes to how they affect breath. Some types of dry food can be better for teeth and help keep the mouth clean overall, but wet food has more water which is also good for a dog’s mouth.

Iams Proactive Health MiniChunks is a type of food recommended by many veterinarians. I have three dogs – two large and one small dog. I love this food because all three of my dogs are able to eat it and they don’t have problems with bad breath. Iams has one of the best mixes of ingredients. I have bought many brands of foods, but this one works best for my animals. They truly love it, and I’m happy to know that I can trust this product.

In case your pet has trouble with bad breath I suggest you give him Iams Proactive Health MiniChunks. This product is very good and I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results. Here you cand find some Iams free samples to check if your dog prefers this type of food. Also, please let me know if these samples was a good remedy for your dog’s breath problem.

Check if your pet eats garbage when left unattended

Make sure that he doesn’t have any contact with these materials that may do more harm than bad breath.

Pick the best and safest dog toys

Providing your dog with plenty of chew toys helps them take care of their teeth naturally. Chewing prevents plaque and tartar build-up and relieves boredom, keeping your dog healthy and happy.

Bad doggie breath is one of those things we tend to not talk about. But this is a serious problem and the health of our dog’s mouth will affect the health of their entire body.

I hope this article was interesting for you! Don’t hesitate to leave your questions in the comments down below.

Top 6 Most Common Dog Health Problems

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Health related problems are part of life. Although it’s something we’d all rather avoid thinking about, it’s important to educate ourselves about what conditions, illnesses or diseases are out there. Our dogs are faithful companions and they depend on us for good care.

To help your canine friend live a healthy life, you should know some of the most common health problems dogs face, their signs, and what you can do about them.

Digestive problems

Vomiting and diarrhea are among the most common causes to visit the vet. Diarrhea in dogs, as with vomiting, can have lots of causes, including stress, infections, intestinal parasites, and food problems.

If your dog is vomiting, you should go to the vet. Especially if your dog is a puppy, since they are very sensitive to these problems and they can dehydrated very quickly.

A large part of being a good dog owner means taking care of your pet’s health. That means making sure your dog’s food is healthful. Improving your dog’s diet can add years to your dog’s life and save you a fortune.

It just requires a little knowledge and the desire to give your dog the healthy body he or she deserves. From my experience, the best dog food is Purina One SmartBlend Lamb & Rice, because it’s tastefully rich in protein. And just like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together, lamb blends with grains and other ingredients to create a complete protein profile.

I have two dogs, and they both love this product! Purina One SmartBlend Lamb & Rice is an excellent food for my huskies. I love my dogs and I always give them food of the highest quality.

If you have pets, I suggest you these Purina One SmartBlend Lamb & Rice free samples, to see if are good for your animals and if they like it. The samples are free and if you want to get some of these you find them on this website.

Also, please let me know, once you receive them, if you are satisfied with this product.


Arthritis is often seen as a rite of passage for our older pets. They may seem slow to rise in the morning, or a bit reluctant to jump up to their favorite spot on the couch.

Your veterinarian can diagnose most forms of arthritis during a routine exam, but they may also recommend an x-ray to rule out other issues or evaluate how seriously inflamed the joints are. While there is no cure for arthritis, there are joint supplements and even treatments like acupuncture, to help keep your pet as mobile as possible for as long as possible.


This is a big one, especially with older dogs. Cataracts for dogs, just like humans can really affect the way we see.

It’s not only old age that will bring about these growths on the eye, often cataracts will develop after the eye has been through a trauma or can be caused by disease. Cataracts in dogs may even be present when the dog is first born, or may develop in the first few weeks of a puppy’s life.

Otitis or ear infection

Ear infections are very common in dogs, especially in dogs that spend a lot of time outside.

Ear infections can be caused by allergies or by a poor hygiene. If your dog scratches his ear, has bad smell or discharge, you should go to the vet. Remember not to get their ears wet when you give him a bath.

Flea – and Tick-Borne Diseases

Dogs go outside, which means they’re susceptible to painful bites from fleas and ticks. But fleas and ticks also carry disease. Dogs that have sudden fevers or diarrhea, vomiting and reduced appetite, may have caught something from a pest.

Untreated, fleas not only make your dog intensely uncomfortable, they can also cause allergic reactions, infections, and even lead to anemia from blood loss.


If your dogs are obese then they risk developing all sorts of conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, arthritis and much more.

A large part of being a good dog owner means taking care of your pet’s health. That means making sure your dog’s food is healthful and nutritious, going for long walks every day, playing at the dog park, and of course giving your pup plenty of love and attention.

I hope all this information are useful for you and please take care of your dog. With a few simple precautions – vaccinations, preventive medications and hygienic care – you can prevent these common dog diseases and avoid much more serious complications.

How to Get Free Pet Food

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I have always been an animal lover. That’s why, over the time, I learned that our dogs need a good nutrition. It keeps them healthy and happy. But there’s no set formula for how often you feed your dog or what you put in his bowl. Good nutrition is the key to a long and healthy life, and dogs need a carefully balanced diet on a daily basis.

Also, anyone who says love doesn’t cost a thing probably doesn’t own a pet. We spend a lot of money on food for our beloved domestic animals, and the reason why dog foods cost so much money is because of the quality of their ingredients and type of processing they use. But the question is: can we get dog food for free? The answer is yes!

In this article, I’m going to explain to you why various dog food companies give you free dog food samples, why these free samples are good for your animal and how you can actually get more free dog food. Please, read on.

Why does dog food companies give you free food for your pet?

Everyone loves free stuff, so big brands provide free samples or even free full-size pet food to their customers. The brands give out plenty of samples and also offers free nutrition advice.

These brands want feedback from dogs owners who actually give these products to their pets. Your feedback helps these companies to develop new products, ultimately helping their bottom line. This is one reason why various dog food companies are pretty generous when it comes to free samples.

Also, another reason is that this brands what to celebrate pets. And what is the best way? Giving them free food.

Why are these free dog food samples good?

  • Samples are free and are a great way for your dog to try out products you may not buy.
  • If you keep getting a steady influx of samples, you’ll no longer need to buy more dog food products.

So, whether it is dry dog foods or pet supplies you’re looking for, these samples are very useful and are free. If you want free dog food samples, this is your best bet.

How to get free dog food samples!

Premium pet food is really expensive, but what most people do not know is that from time to time various dog food companies give away free samples. Of course, you need to know where you can find this kind of promotions, but that may be a difficult task. Fortunately, after searching a lot on the web I finally found the best offer: a $1000 gift card for free pet food for a year. This is a great offer and I already applied for it. I also told to my neighbours about this offer and they were very excited.

To win a $1,000 Gift Card just click here and add your email address. You do not need to upload a photo of your dog to claim the prize.

I know you will lose 2 minutes of your life to put your hands on this $1000 gift card, but I think that is worth it because you can have free pet food for a year. So take a deep breath and apply for this offer.
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5 Super Tough Toys For Dogs Who Destroy Everything

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Whether or not we want to admit it, we buy our dogs toys for one main reason: so our they can tear them up. Not all toys are made for all pups. Some dogs are far rougher on their toys and need ones that are more than just durable — you need something nearly indestructible. It’s not always easy to find toys that can stand up to a persistent pooch or a dog that has a good, strong bite.

To make it easier for you to find a good indestructible toy for your dog, here is a list of the 5 best that you will not find ripped to pieces around the house after an hour of playtime.

Orbee-Tuff Nook Dog Toy

Orbee-Tuff Nook Toy is what you need if your dog chews on everything. This product can even last the life of the dog. This is ultra-strong and durable. Want to keep your dog busy for a while? Fill the open cavity of the Orbee-Tuff Nook toy with peanut butter and then freeze- give it to your dog the next time he needs a distraction.

This toy is a staple of any dog-owning households. If your dog doesn’t have one of this, now you can buy him one from here.I bought this toy last week and I paid for it just $13.00. If you are interested in buying this, you should know that you have free U.S. shipping on orders $40+ and free returns on all orders. When it’s loaded with goodies, your pup will love emptying it, and when it’s empty, your pup will love chasing it. Orbee-Tuff Nook Toy is the best option for your dog and I say this from my own experience.

It’s is very durable and is made from all-natural rubber making it a safe play toy and a safe chew toy, as well.

Get one of this from here and for sure your dog will stop chewing different things, like your shoes.

Kong Pudge Braidz Indestructible Dog Toys

When you have a rough dog it can be difficult to find a toy for him. Tug-o-war is a great way of entertaining your pup, but you definitely want something that can withstand powerful jaws. The other major benefit of this toy is that it will clean your dog’s teeth while he is playing. Choose from one of four adorable characters — dog, pig, bear, or rooster.

Megalast Gummi Bear Indestructible Dog Toys

It’s an eternal battle to find the right mix between durable and cute when it comes to dog toys. For this Gummi Bear toy, made by the JW company, pairs a seriously cute creature with the durability your dog needs. This is an absolutely adorable and durable dog toy. Made for medium and large breed dogs, it is made in the USA from super-tough megalastomer, hence the Megalast name. It’s a certified non-toxic toy that will give your dog long-lasting fun.

Petsafe Ninja Star – Super Chewer

This food-dispensing puzzle toy combines your dog’s two favourite things: squeaks and treats. Your dog will be engaged for ages with this highly-rewarding puzzle made from durable, no-mess rubber. You can sit back and relax knowing that your dog is getting the mental and physical stimulation they need. Anyway, this can be used to dispense food or treats or just chewed on.
My dogs really enjoy this toy and they love throwing it around outside in the garden. I received this toy in my Super Chewer BarkBox.

If you don’t know, BarkBox is the most popular dog subscription box. They now offer a Super Chewer Box version for dogs who are destructive.

Receive a free new Super Chewer BarkBox if your dog defeats a toy!

This box contains toys, treats, and grooming products selected for your dog based on size.  The most important thing is that you will receive a free new Super Chewer BarkBox if your dog defeats a toy. Interesting, isn’t?

You can have one BarkBox for only $39 or if you think your dog can handle more, you can subscribe for 6 or 12 months($29). And you know what’s interesting? Every month you will receive different toys and food for your pet. If you don’t have time every month, to go to the store to buy dog toys get this Super Chewer BarkBox.

And I say this from my own experience that it’s incredible.

I liked the variety of items, with value distributed between treats, toys, and chews. The toys were quite durable even with a very destructive dog. I continue with BarkBox because it’s easier to get high-quality treats in the mail than it is to remember to go to the pet store. Subscribe to Super Chewer BarkBox and you will see that I have right.

And, just like with all my other boxes, I love seeing new things and learning about new brands. Truly, the food that comes in these boxes is top notch. I only ever find it in boutique pet stores, and there has never been anything shoddy that I wouldn’t want my dogs to have.

If you are interested, here you find the Super Chewer BarkBox. I am sure that your dogs will love the surprises it contains this box.

Dog Dragons Plush Indestructible Dog Toys

Every dog owner wants to buy their pooch a cute stuffed toy, but for some dogs stuffed toys are a bad idea. They simply mean stuffing and bits of material all over the house. This awesome dragon is made with Chew Guard Technology and he has double stitched seams to help him last longer than a regular plush toy. This toy comes in options for large and small dogs, as well as six different colours.

As a dog owner, it is important to understand not only the physical benefits of exercise for your pet but also the intellectual benefits of interaction with them. Toys are a great way to provide this mental stimulation while also spending time with your dog and strengthening the bond you have with them. If you love your dog give him quality products. That’s why I totally recommend you to get this Super Chewer BarkBox. Thanks to this, every month you will receive for your dog toys and food of the highest quality.
I hope this article is helpful for you and I am waiting for your feedback.

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