How to get your dog to love bath time

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If you watch people bathing dogs in movies and TV shows, most of the time it seems like a joyous, fun-filled time for all involved. Unfortunately, bathing your dog in real life isn’t always such a positive experience. If your dog hates bath time, it’s likely you do, too. It’s a common problem for dogs to panic and run away when you try to give them a bath. The sensations of getting wet and the loud noises of running water can easily scare your dog. But any problem has a solution.

Here are some tips that will help you to make your dog love the bath time.

Take a nice long walk first

Many dogs naturally enjoy a dip in the water when they’re feeling hot and exhausted after exercise, so use those natural instincts to your advantage. Also, your dog will have less pent-up energy to fight the process.

Make sure that you have everything you need in the bathroom before you start bathing your dog

When you start washing your dog, everything you need should be within reach. If you get your dog in the tub, then go off to get the shampoo, you give him a chance to escape. He may also think this is a game and start running after you. Get everything set up before you bring your dog in. Some items you should have are treats, towels, shampoo, a brush, and a sponge if you use one.

Be careful at water temperature that you use

It is essential to understand that you should use lukewarm water. Dogs are sensitive to hot water just like you are. Check the water temperature before you bathe your dog. It should be warm, but not hot. Water that’s too cold can give your dog a chill, which is especially dangerous for puppies. Also, it’s not recommended that you wash your dog’s head or face. Instead, wet him from the neck back. If your dog’s face is dirty, use a damp washcloth to wipe the dirt away. Don’t clean inside his ears with a washcloth. This can get the ears too wet and promote infection.

Keeping your dog calm while bathing

To keep your dog calm, teach him to associate bathing with good things. The easiest way to do this is with treats. You can give your dog several treats throughout the bathing process. This way, your dog will learn that bath time is not a time to dread but a fun time that involves treats.

I give my dog Beggin’ Strips Bacon & Cheese Snacks. My dog loves these treats and will do anything for one. Even a bath! They have a strong but not too off-putting smell, aren’t messy in your hand and come in a huge bag. These treats will make your dog love bath time. In case you want to see if these are Ok for your pet or if he likes these snacks, I suggest you try first some Beggin’ Strips Bacon & Cheese free sample. These are very good and I like that are free, so this is a good change to make your dog happy.

Praise your dog constantly

Using a happy tone, say things like “good dog” and other phrases that indicate your happiness with him. This reassurance will help keep him calm and can also distract him if he’s getting nervous. Also, you should have a positive attitude. You may be surprised to find how much of a difference it can make to approach the bath with calm, assertive energy. For example, I changed my energy around bath time. I calmly walked over, took my dog by the leash and walked him into the bathroom. He entered the bathtub with no fussing. Of course, he hates water on his face, so I avoid that by gently washing his face with a washcloth. He allowed me to wash the rest of him without a fight. You should do the same.

Put toys in the bath for your dog

If your dog has a favourite toy, bring it in the bath with him. In this way, you’re teaching your dog that the bathroom is not a scary place. Pets especially love toys with treats hidden inside them. I say that this is a bonus point for the types of toys with treats that clean the teeth and sweeten the breath.
When I wash my dog I give him a Kong toy and to keep my dog busy for a while, I fill the open cavity of the Kong toy with peanut butter. This is a very useful trick and you should try it.
If you don’t have one yet, on this site you find some free Kong Extreme Indestructible toys. All you have to do to get these free samples is to enter your email and your delivery address on here. This is a safe play toy and I like that is made from all-natural rubber.
This can help distract your dog from the bath he’s getting and you’ll be able to wash him without much struggling. So, you should get one.

As much as we all love our furry friends to smell fresh and clean, getting to that point isn’t always easy. Dogs are rarely excited to jump into the bathtub for a good scrub. But, even this it is a hard job for you, bathing your dog is important for keeping him fresh and clean.

With these tips, bath time should be a more relaxed experience for both you and your dog.


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