Photo Booth: Readers Submit Their Best Cat Photos (Part 1)

The editors of Catster Magazine’s print edition are always on the lookout for great photos from readers. The ones below are the first set of those chosen for the March/April 2017 issue. (Look later this week for the second set.) Scroll to the end of this post where you’ll find instructions for submitting your photos. You’ll have a chance… Keep Reading

Health Care

The Truth About Cat Pee

We’re repulsed by it. When we see it on a toilet seat in a public restroom, we promptly pivot out of the stall in search of a cleaner commode. I’m talking about urine. Humans are disgusted by it. But animals have a different relationship with urine. In fact, cats communicate with their pee. They mark… Keep Reading


8 Cooking Shows That Cats Would Host

Cats have a knack for being underfoot. It’s not that they want to get in the way — we think — but they seem to like to be where we are, and where the action is. Everyone knows that the kitchen is the general gathering space in any home, so it’s no surprise cats like… Keep Reading


How to Convert an Outdoor Cat Into a Happy Indoor Cat

Many nature-loving cats aren’t eager to forgo outdoor adventures and relocate indoors. Although not being allowed to roam outside keeps them safer and prolongs their lives, many don’t instantly morph into well-adjusted, happy cats when denied outdoor privileges. Some will immediately adapt, while others show their displeasure by incessantly vocalizing or door darting and engaging in… Keep Reading


Principessa Roma Lives a Good Life Despite Epilepsy

On the surface, Principessa Roma seems like she’s a cat living the fancy life. Along with possessing a regal-sounding name, she’s a Portuguese feline who now resides on the Mediterranean island of Malta, where she enjoys lazily basking in sunbeams and gracefully watching the birds on her windowsill. But Roma (as she likes to be called) also… Keep Reading


These Music Celebrities Are Singing the Mews

Up until a couple of years ago, I was never any sort of a fan of Taylor Swift’s music. Now I sometimes sing a version of the popstress’s mega hit Shake It Off with the lyrics altered to talk about how my own cat, Mimosa, loves eating gravy and indulging in grooming. Why the change? Simple:… Keep Reading


Save Space in Style With These Wall-Mounted Cat Scratchers

Scratchers are such an important thing to have in your home when you live with cats. Scratchers allow cats to condition their claws, removing the old outer layer; plus, scratching gives kitty a chance to work out her back and shoulder muscles, and it lets her leave her visual and scent mark so she feels… Keep Reading

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